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Celebrity Patients

I first went to see Dr. Spears for pain in my neck after dancing. He made a plan specific to my needs in order to relieve my discomfort and to get me back in shape to dance at school. Although I went to see Dr. Spears for my neck, he was nice enough to acknowledge another dance injury I had received years ago, and he started treatment on that as well. I can definitely say that since I've been seeing him I am a lot less tense in my technique classes, and I'm not experiencing the pain I used to constantly have as a full time dancer. He's awesome! Thank you, Dr. Spears!

- Rachel Runnels (Pro Dancer)

Seeing Doc Spears has allowed me to recover faster and stronger. I can hit balls longer, play more golf, and workout while seeing him consistently. I used to think that the best thing to do was lay off more, but he has allowed me to stay more active. I now feel like I can practice and play as much as I want without injury.

- Ryan Rody (Golfer)

I have had low back problems for many years due to 20+ years of dancing. Dr. Spears laid out a personalized plan for me before we started treatment. Not only did he have a plan for my low back/hips, he informed me of some other misalignments in my shoulders and spine. The weekly adjustments help keep me relieved and feeling pain free through my busy, active lifestyle. I have seen/felt so much improvement in my low back and the dropping of my left shoulder to be even with my right! Not only is Dr. Spears awesome at what he does, he as well as his two assistants are SUPER friendly and welcoming. They really take the time to make sure all clients feel welcome and special.

- Alyssa Bland (Pro Dancer)

Dr. Spears has helped me the past couple of weeks by adjusting my back due to a slight curve in my upper spine. He gave me a plan at the beginning and told me what I need to do to help this. I have felt my back loosen up some since then and I know it will continue to get better with time! Also, the front desk staff are always smiling and in a great mood. They are extremely helpful when it comes to your first visit with paperwork, and they welcome everyone by their first name which is a personal touch! Thank you Dr. Spears!!

- Kalyssa Singleton (Pro Dancer)

I have suffered from sudden, unexpected neck and back pain throughout my college career. Dr. Spears’ chiropractic care has truly been a blessing for my overall health and wellbeing. Through his expertise in spinal manipulation/adjustment, Dr. Spears helps me restore joint function to proper musculoskeletal alignment which helps me lead a healthier, more productive life. Dr. Spears has a genuine spirit, and listens to you. He truly cares about his patients. I am very grateful for the care Dr. Spears has given me for the relief of pain and discomfort.

- Kourtney Fox (Pro Dancer)

As a financial advisor, I carry a lot of stress, both physically and emotionally. As a tournament golfer, whether it is travel, practice or play, my body is constantly being twisted into compromising positions. Before I met Dr. Spears, I just assumed I would always deal with constant aches and pains. Now I know better. Chiropractic care with Dr. Spears has simply introduced me to a better way to do life.

- Ryan Munson (Golfer)

What Other Patients are saying

I've been seeing Dr. Josh for about 2 years now. I adore him, but recently I had an even bigger reason to sing his praises. I had an awful kidney infection that was just getting worse. I was seeing my pcp almost daily, got multiple antibiotic injections and wasn't getting any better. I thought I was going to end up in the hospital. After a week I got myself up and into his office, and I'm so glad I did. One adjustment helped to pass the blockage, and I FINALLY started improving. Thank you again Dr. Josh!!!

- Jasmine Stephens

Never believed in chiropractor medicine, but Dr. spears proved me wrong. First he relieved over 7 years of back pain due to the military and had an issue with my shoulder that recently developed, and his experience and knowledge was able to adjust it back into place. His assistants will know your name by the time you leave your consultation and will welcome you back every day with your name. The only reason I am having to leave is because of the military, and I will miss coming in every week for an adjustment.

- Kale Williams

I would never let any other Chiropractor adjust my children. I trust Dr. Josh completely, and he has helped my family greatly. I highly recommend him and his excellent office staff.

- Carissa Traut

Dr. Spears is not only a great doctor but also a great person. He really cares about his patients and genuinely wants to do what he can to help them be as healthy as possible. Everyone in his office is awesome and you will always be greeted with a smile!

- Daniel Holt