You Deserve To Feel Great. We Can Help!

You Deserve To Feel Great. We Can Help!

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Dr. Josh Spears, DC
dr josh spears
Hi! I'm Dr. Joshua Spears... Welcome To Spears Chiropractic!
Dr. Spears began practicing in 2001 at the age of 23, after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College. (He is still one of the youngest in state history to become a Doctor of Chiropractic). 

Dr. Spears speaks and mentors for multiple groups nationally and is a member of The International Chiropractic Association and The Oklahoma Chiropractors Association. He is also a mentor to other doctors in Focus Foundations, a chiropractic group with an emphasis on developing leaders in chiropractic care, life, relationships and family. 

Dr. Spears is a on the board of directors of OCA (Oklahoma Chiropractic Association).

Dr. Spears' awards include Edmond Chiropractor of the Year, Top 25 Doctor of the year (multiple years), Sponsor of the Year and several others.

Dr. Spears' life priorities are faith, family and chiropractic, in that order. Health and wellness have always been a passion of his, and he strives to lead his patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Spears is married to Natausha Spears, RN BS, and they have 2 children, Hank and Blue Caroline. Their family especially loves traveling together.
You will have a 1 on 1 visit with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and the reason for your visit. 

After your initial health consultation, we'll perform a complete & comprehensive chiropractic exam.  

 A series X-rays may be needed to allow us to clearly determine a proper care plan. X-Rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. We also use X-rays to determine how long a spinal condition has been developing. 

Report of Findings
Your report of findings will be scheduled the day after your Initial Consultation. This will allow for your doctor to study your exam findings, along with your X-ray information at which point we will share the results that we found with you. You may invite anyone in your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Report of Findings includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won't happen again. We consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. This is why our recommendations are extremely comprehensive and have the chance to be the solution that you have been seeking to find. 

Our entire staff strives to keep waiting times to a minimum, so we ask that all patients be prompt for their appointments so we can stay on track. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Stretching, exercise instruction, or other advice, may be given as part of the doctor's plan for you. Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Knowledge is power.

We consistently update and customize your wellness programs. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation and a variety of stress relief techniques.

dr josh spears
spears chiropractic

Jessica A.

Josh has been treating my family for several years. Life changing! Amazing how chiropractic effects your overall health!! Hands down the best!
spears chiropractic

Lindsy G.

Dr. Spears and his team are by far some of the nicest people you will encounter in your day, not to mention the chiropractic service is top notch!
spears chiropractic

Mina C.

Such an amazing staff that truly wants to help you be your best.
spears chiropractic

Kelly H.

I've had Dr. Spears as my chiropractor for many years. He is knowledgeable, kind, gentle. I would recommend Dr. Spears to everyone I know. He's great and his staff are great too.
spears chiropractic

Jamee W.

I have loved Dr Josh ever since the first time I went in 2010!! Amazing results then and now! Even my son had been adjusted at the early age of 5 months old in 2012 and has done so great with chiropractic care! I highly recommend Dr Josh!!!

spears chiropractic

Stephanie W.

My youngest (2 year old at the time) suffered from recurring ear infections. A friend referred us to Dr. Spears and things got so much better. Not an ear infection since. Chiropractic care has help my daughter and myself tremendously. We love Dr. Spears and staff!
spears chiropractic

Megan S.

As a massage therapist my body seems to always benefit from an adjustment! Taking care of myself allows me to take care of my own clients! I've been going to Dr.Spears for roughly six years and bring my three kids too. They LOVE coming in and ask to every time we drive by! When you walk in you're greeted by name. Ive referred friends, family, and clients in. This is a place you can trust your health to! Many people are iffy about chiropractic, but I can say that it has benefited my life and the longevity of my career. ��
spears chiropractic

Catherine B.

Most wonderful doctor I've ever been to. Takes amazing care of me and my kiddos. He remembers the little things that make them feel special!
spears chiropractic

Dwight D.

Great staff and they have helped me and everyone I have recommended

spears chiropractic

Lorinda V.

Talk about a first class experience and staff! I've dealt with migraines for years! It was so refreshing to find a doctor that found the source and a solution for my problem!
spears chiropractic

Dayla H.

I don't know what I would do without this place! I think I've been using their services for at least 6 years. Doctor Spears is a great chiropractor and is so helpful with my overall wellness. All the staff are friendly and professional.
spears chiropractic

Chanel R.

I have been with Dr. Spears for almost a year+ now! Been through a car accident (whip- lash), muscle tightness and a recent lower back strain and he helped me through them all. Not only are his methods effective for what condition or injury I need, his staff, his energy and the environment as a whole is a relaxing place for your next chiropractic appointment.
spears chiropractic

Stephanie H.

Need a good Chiropractor, go see Josh in Edmond. He has literally saved my life. I don’t struggle with back pain nearly as much. I had chronic migraines for years and I barely have those. I struggled with asthma and rarely do I ever use my inhaler.

spears chiropractic

Addie R.

I've been seeing Dr. Spears for years and can't say thank you enough! He and his staff take care of you like family, and I owe much of my health to him. From head aches, congestion, or a sore throat, to knee or back/neck/shoulder pain, he can help with anything and everything! He definitely helps me maintain an active lifestyle and away from any medications.
spears chiropractic

Tamara F.

First chiropractic experience and it was the best. He is friendly and something about him makes you at ease. Not invasive at all. Great staff and environment!

spears chiropractic

Patricia D.

Dr. Spears is an excellent chiropractor. He cured me of months of hip pain and difficulty even walking. Staff is professional, warm and friendly. I highly recommend him.
spears chiropractic

Taelisa P.

I will always recommend Spears Chiropractic to everyone I have Cerebral palsy and it has done me wonders it is also help my kids growing up thank you so much Dr. Josh Spears
spears chiropractic

Jim A.

I have taken my daughter to Dr Josh for 4-5 years to treat injuries as well as chronic back and hip issues resulting from year-round soccer. He has been fantastic. I highly recommend Josh to anyone for Chiropractic treatment.
spears chiropractic

Amanda C.

After years and years of strenuous soccer activity, my hips were completely out of line. Dr. Spears did an excellent job restoring my health and getting me back on the field!  I would trust him with all of my health needs! 
spears chiropractic

Ed P.

Love my friends at Spears Chiropractic! Josh and the team have taken care of me and my family for years. There can-do-attitude, flexibility and selfless services is above reproach. Finally, you will not find a more military friendly group of Patriots! I give them five stars!
spears chiropractic

Kalyssa A

Dr. Spears has helped me the past couple of weeks by adjusting my back due to a slight curve in my upper spine. He gave me a plan at the beginning and told me what I need to do to help this. I have felt my back loosen up some since then and I know it'll continue to get better with time! Also, the front desk staff are always smiling and in a great mood. They are extremely helpful when it comes to your first visit with paperwork, and they welcome everyone by their first name which is a personal touch! Thank you Dr. Spears!! 
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